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Spring has arrived and the warmer temperatures are in place to create constant grass growth. Now is the time to start thinking about your lawn equipment, if you haven’t done so already. There are some considerations that may interest you in order to save money.

The first thing to consider is maybe lawn maintenance is not your thing and you would rather get some one else to handle it for you.

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“Personally, we like low maintenance lawn tools.” We never thought that a battery operated power tool would be reliable enough to get the job done. We were proven wrong! This next item is probably the most important tool we have in the garage. The maintenance consists of simply keeping the tool clean and providing it more string.

The DEWALT DCST920B 20V Lithium Ion XR Brushless String Trimmer has out performed any trimmer I have had in the past. No gas and no wires. Yes the battery lasts long enough to trim the entire yard and 4 of your neighbor’s yards. We don’t have to waste gas and it always starts right up. This is HANDS DOWN the best tool to get for your lawn maintenance needs.

The next thing you may want to consider is the maintenance of your equipment. There are weed whackers, blowers, hedge trimmers, chain saws, lawn mowers, and tractors that need some basic TLC. There are many books that you can read if you are interested click here.

The basics of maintenance for all these items consist of 5 simple topics. Gas, Oil, Spark, Cooling, Air.

  1. Check your gas. If it has been sitting all winter drain it and put new gas in. You should always drain your gas when storing your equipment for the winter. If you prefer to use the gas already in the equipment then check to make sure there is no floating debris such as dirt or mold.
  2. Check your oil. Oil should be not be black it should be somewhat clear. When in doubt change it out. On most equipment there is drain plug for the oil so the old oil can be drained out and you can put it new oil. Check the maintenance manual for the type of oil you need to purchase.
  3. Check your Spark plug. After running a whole season the spark plug gets a lot of wear and tear. Pull the spark plug connector off and take a spark plug socket to your spark plug and unscrew it from the chassis. If the terminals on the inside are black then you will need to get a new spark plug. Check your maintenance manual for the type of spark plug you will need an the gap for the spark.
  4. Check the engine cooling capabilities. An engine gets really hot! If there are any vents that are blocked then this could cause the engine to over heat. The exhaust system distributes a lot of heat. Make sure that it is not full of rust or any substance that could cause it to keep from getting heat away from the engine. Note: if the engine is extremely load it is mostly likely due to a hole or leak in the exhaust. You could look into purchasing a new exhaust system but it might be cheaper to purchase a whole new system.
  5. Check the Air Filter. Make sure that your air filter is clear from any debris or dirt. It is always best to just get a new air filter every season. It doesn’t cost much and it keeps the lawn equipment running well.

Most  of the time your equipment will have instructions posted for all these maintenance topics. However, if you open the hood of your tractor and there is nothing there then simply perform a google or bing search for the make and model and then include the words “manual” or “user guide” and you will be able to down load the complete manual or user guide for free. Do not pay for user guide or manual. If you absolutely cannot find one for your equipment then contact the manufacturer.

If you have read this and still do not know where to start then we suggest purchasing this book and it will keep you in check season after season.

You are now on your way to saving money on your spring and summer lawn service!

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