May 6th is Big Brew Day!

Since Craft Beer has grown more popular over the years the amount of Home Brewers has grown as well. Most people have found that brewing their own beer enables two main components.

1. Saving Money

2. Having Beer of any flavor at your finger tips

This Saturday May 6th is National Home Brew Day or Big Brew Day!  If you are a Home Brewer you may go to your local home brew store and pick up the main ingredients needed for your home brew. If you are not a Home Brewer you can still celebrate by visiting your local craft beer store, because those craft beers were once Home Brew recipes that were brewed by legends. The concept of opening Brewery or Brew Pub is life long dream of any Home Brewer. He or she will dream about it but if the goal is not obtainable he or she will still enjoy the perks of brewing at home.

If you are interested in some recipes to brew or just interested in the brewing process I have provided some links below.

Happy Big Brew Day!

Adventures in Homebrewing is a great place to shop for all kinds of brewing stuff, plus they give you points towards gift cards.

Here are 12 great Extract Recipes for the summer.

If you are an All Grain Brewer here are 12 recipes plus 20% off.

Are you looking to get started in brewing? Check Out this starter kit!

If your trying to learn the ropes this book is how most Home Brewers get started.

If you are an average Home Brewer or looking to move to All-Grain then John Palmer’s new book will spark your interest.

If you are interested in opening a Brewery or Brew Pub but just don’t know where to start then these two books will get you there.

This Saturday enjoy the day brewing your favorite beer or enjoying your favorite craft beer.

Here are some more details and events for this Saturday’s Big Brew Day!

Also don’t forget to visit our Craft Beer Brewing page!

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