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Every day I try and take advantage of any down time by picking up my phone or tablet and reading. Unfortunately, my days are often busy and I never even get to look at my phone let alone read. I have earmarked many books into my Amazon Wish list hoping I will get to them soon. I look for many books that contain experience and knowledge. Hopefully the experience of reading the books will enable the ability to perform a task or project that will be satisfying and something enjoying.

For example, I first read Step by Step Dividend Investing: A Beginner’s Guide to the Best Dividend Stocks and Income Investments (Step by Step Investing) (Volume 2). I then became interested in making investments in Dividends and started another portfolio of Dividends. It is by no means a get rich method of utilizing the stock market, but it is an interesting concept of making your money work for you. At this point I have started small and will move up the ladder to hopefully make my dividends grow. Just the simple method of clicking on a button and reading this short book made me realize there are a ton of books out there with more knowledge.

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited has been game changer and has increased my knowledge and experience in many areas.

For a month of free trial and only $10 a month after it has been a great resource for knowledge. I think my next step is to start taking advantage of the listening feature to hopefully be able read some more. Although, that may not go so well with others that I interact with daily.

Take advantage of this very powerful tool of knowledge and strengthen your abilities. If you are not interested in that and you love Romance, History, Religion, Technology, and many more, this is the place to find it. They even have magazines!

Go check it out and see for yourself!

Better yet! Go try it for a month and if you don’t like having a month of free books then cancel it.

Are you looking for used Text Books?

You can even Rent, Buy and Sell them.



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