Spring Is In The Air

Every year we look at our home and think “This place needs a good cleaning”. Why does it always happen in the spring? According to How Stuff Works it’s kind of an unconscious collective movement that we do after the hibernation of Winter.

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The first thing to do is to come up with a list of tasks. You might want to consider two lists, one for the inside and one for the outside.


Dusting is usually the first task that needs to be completed. Most people keep their homes dusted through out the Winter due to air quality, so this task is normally already completed.

We typically like to re-arrange furniture and vacuum the carpet at the same time. This allows the ability to clean the entire floor and to re-arrange furniture based on the sun light coming through the windows. If you have a carpet cleaning machine then you are in luck. Pull that machine out and clean your carpets as well. It will take care of a lot of the built up dust that is invisible to the naked eye. If you don’t have a Carpet Cleaning Machine you can rent one. Go to Rug Doctor and get a coupon before you head to your local store to rent one. We have a Shark Sonic Duo that scrubs and cleans our floors before we vacuum and it has worked great for us.

The next step is to mop any hard floors. Typically a bucket of hot soapy water, and hot regular water would take you forever to complete with a sponge. Today there are many Swiffer products that complete this task and other Swiffer like products as well. We personally like our Shark Sonic Duo as it not only cleans our carpets but cleans our hard floors as well.

Now that the dusting, vacuuming, and mopping are done. It’s time to think about some other items you might have forgotten.

Air Vents – You might want to invest in a service that will clean your air vents. This will keep the air clean in your house and increase your AC efficiency in the summer.

Basement – If you have a basement you might want to consider anything that needs cleaned. You might want to consider anything you have in storage in the basement. Is it up off the ground to keep from getting wet? Is it away from the furnace or water heater to provide proper air flow for the mechanical units? Have an HVAC service do a routine maintenance check on the furnace and thermostat.

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Safety – Are all your fire alarms up to date? Hit the test button to make sure they work. Are all your cleaning supplies stored in proper location? Are they up and put away so that children or pets cannot accidentally get into them?


Once the spring weather starts the rain tends to bring fast growth to the lawn. You may need to consider mowing your lawn before you can get out there with a rake to rake the old dead grass. We always have some spots in our lawn that take a while to get growing. I usually just an old thin fence post or something I can poke with and poke some holes in the ground. This allows the moisture to get in the ground and get the grass growing. No grass seeds needed.

Washing the windows on the inside and the outside can be a grueling task. Go to the store and pick up a squeegee. For the outside you may want to consider one with a pole extension. It will make the job a lot easier and quicker to finish.

The outside work in the spring always comes with some picking and pulling of dead plants or annoying weeds that are growing everywhere. For me it is grass growing up around my Fire Pit every year. Get some Grass and Weed Killer to get rid of  those pesky areas of growth.

Some people don’t like the chemical method. When it comes to kids and pets you really want to avoid the chemicals. Therefore, you may have to get rid of these pesky grass and weed areas by hand. If you have kids, this is an excellent opportunity to show them how to garden. 😉

Some outdoor reminders:

Check the lighting. Are all your outdoor lights working?

Check your driveway for cracks.

Check your sidewalks and foundation for cracks.

Clean your AC Unit.

Now that I have shared my list. If you have any other tips or tricks of the spring cleaning adventure please leave a comment below and share with everyone.

Happy Spring Cleaning!!




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