Free Budget Ideas

The attached spreadsheet  is a free tool that will allow you to find free cash. Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Does it seem like there is no room in your life for extras such as a vacation, entertainment, staycation, recreational activities? Maybe you are just looking to start your retirement and have no room for extra money.

The attached spreadsheet has and instructional worksheet and monthly worksheets that will walk you through the process of locating extra cash each month. Not only will you find extra cash each month but you will be able to predict what you are spending each month in to the future. Click here

The subjects below are brief areas of concern that you will want to focus on to locate the extra money. Please feel free to send us a comment and we will be happy to walk you through the process.

Build a Budget

The first tool you will need is to build a budget for yourself.  We have set up a monthly budget spreadsheet that will allow you to obtain maximum use of your money by being able to see how much you have spent in each month and forecasting your spending for additional savings each month.

Quarterly and Yearly Paid Items

Understanding that any items that need to be paid quarterly or yearly, need to be added into the monthly budget.  A plan is always to make sure there is money to pay such items when these are due.  In the budget, divide the item by the twelve months and allot these funds into your budget each month to be able to be paid when each of these items are due.  Some quarterly items in a monthly budget may be life insurance, garbage disposal, water, sewer, or things alike.

Unplanned Items

There are a few things to mention that are often forgotten about in the midst of a monthly budget.  First, vehicle maintenance; we all need a reliable vehicle to get us to and from different places.  Oil Changes, Tires, regular maintenance, belts, etc.  It all costs money; sometimes when we look and we don’t have it; thereby making us open up a credit card at 24% interest rate and costing 3X more than anyone wanted to pay in the first place. Figure out when was the last time you had your vehicle serviced and for what; when do you think you will have another service and what will that entail?  If your thoughts are a multitude of items, a suggestion would be to put additional funds aside for your vehicle service.

Homeowners with older homes may have older units; such as heaters, water heaters, a/c units, etc. If this maybe the case, purchasing a home warranty maybe an option. The home warranties ultimately save money when big ticket home items are older.  Home warranties will save on expensive purchases that ultimately occur at inopportune times.

Stay tuned to the next post for additional ways to save money.

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