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Key West Trolley Tour Deal – $18 –

When we took our vacation to Florida/Key West we found out that the cost of taking an exotic trip was actually achievable without spending a lot of money. First we put together a time frame for when we wanted to go on our trip. We wanted to take the trip sometime in January, so we had 4 months to plan a flight, car rental, hotel, and any extracurricular activities.

We started with the flight and downloaded an app called the Hopper. The Hopper is an instant alert for prices on airfares. You can plug in more than one Arrival and Departure airport to show the prices on different flights with different airports. The Hopper then shows you what the current price is and alerts you when there is a change in price. You can purchase your flight at any time but the Hopper includes a Price Prediction tool that advises you to buy now or wait. We could have waited for tickets as low as $80 but we decided to get ours when they were at $112. That was still a great deal on a roundtrip flight!

One of the most important tools for cutting the cost of a vacation is Groupon.  You can do just about everything (Flight, Car Rental, Hotel, Excursions and more) to keep your vacation at a low cost. Simply put in the destination and search. A simple search for “Hotel” will give many deals and discounts at your destination. Another simple search feature tool is to search “hop on hop off“. You will find all the deals for getting a ride to destinations and then getting a ride back. Click Here for a great deal for 2 people at $34.50 (38% off).

Another great tool is Expedia.  Expedia has feature called “Things to Do” Simply put in your destination and the dates you will be there. We were able to find a trip from Fort Lauderdale to Key West that included a trolley ride around the island. This was nice because we did not have to drive anywhere and we were able to just sit back and take in the scenery.


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